Two Simple Cure for Procrastination

In a time where there are so many things begging for your attention all at the same time, there is often an urge to leave things unattended due to insufficient time. Some of the things which may drop from your to-do list may be important. And by the time you finally decide to attend to the task, time may be limited, and in some cases, it might be too late.

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How to Turn Your Mistake Around

We all know that every day life is a serious business and should be taken as such. Yet, there ought to be a balance in every thing we do in life. Things shouldn’t be always taken too seriously. There should be room for humor and laughter to spice up our daily lives. There are people who can’t take a joke. Nor do they laugh at jokes. Continue reading “How to Turn Your Mistake Around”


Are Finns Too Humble?

One of the first things you will notice as a foreigner in Finland is, besides the long freezing winter and darkness, the fact that Finns are humble to a fault.

You will hardly hear a Finn boasting of her achievement , knowledge or possession. A person who is a leader or boss of a company may causally tell you that she works in the company, or that she is part of a team. It is only when you probe further that you’ll find out her position.

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The Benefits of Being a Woman:  A Tribute to Womanhood

Women all over the world are making a difference in different areas of life where they are. Women are bestowed with a lot of responsibility both by nature and the society.

As mothers, women have the task of carrying a foetus in her womb for nine months. As well as the responsibility to care for the new born, almost alone.  Continue reading “The Benefits of Being a Woman:  A Tribute to Womanhood”


Modern Day Slavery: The Case of Victims of Human Trafficking

As a high school student living in Abuja, Nigeria, I came across young girls who stood on dimly lit streets at night. I and my elder brother lived a few meters from the town’s hub where a local brothel was also located.


I sometimes ran errands at night where I came face to face  the young girls. Many of them looked quite young like myself and  wore skimpy clothes, exposing a greater part of their bodies
I noticed that beyond the skimpy dresses and heavily made up faces lay a certain kind of sadness and perhaps a sense of loss, especially when they were alone waiting for clients.

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