The Benefits of Being a Woman:  A Tribute to Womanhood

Women all over the world are making a difference in different areas of life where they are. Women are bestowed with a lot of responsibility both by nature and the society.

As mothers, women have the task of carrying a foetus in her womb for nine months. As well as the responsibility to care for the new born, almost alone.  Continue reading “The Benefits of Being a Woman:  A Tribute to Womanhood”


Modern Day Slavery: The Case of Victims of Human Trafficking

As a high school student living in Abuja, Nigeria, I came across young girls who stood on dimly lit streets at night. I and my elder brother lived a few meters from the town’s hub where a local brothel was also located.


I sometimes ran errands at night where I came face to face  the young girls. Many of them looked quite young like myself and  wore skimpy clothes, exposing a greater part of their bodies
I noticed that beyond the skimpy dresses and heavily made up faces lay a certain kind of sadness and perhaps a sense of loss, especially when they were alone waiting for clients.

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