Beware of Knowledge Hoarders

There are people who believe in the monopoly of Knowledge. They feel that the skills they possess should be exclusively theirs even when they are obliged to impact the knowledge to someone else. They are reluctant to teach people may be for the fear of losing relevance. Or the fear of the learner out shining them.

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Two Simple Cure for Procrastination

In a time where there are so many things begging for your attention all at the same time, there is often an urge to leave things unattended due to insufficient time. Some of the things which may drop from your to-do list may be important. And by the time you finally decide to attend to the task, time may be limited, and in some cases, it might be too late.

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How to Turn Your Mistake Around

We all know that every day life is a serious business and should be taken as such. Yet, there ought to be a balance in every thing we do in life. Things shouldn’t be always taken too seriously. There should be room for humor and laughter to spice up our daily lives. There are people who can’t take a joke. Nor do they laugh at jokes. Continue reading “How to Turn Your Mistake Around”


I Choose Happiness

There are a lot of bad things happening every time. This can affect a person’s mindset and ultimately make one unhappy.

Someone once asked me why I mostly appear happy despite the numerous challenges I face. ┬áThe simple answer is that I choose to be happy. My happiness comes from within me.This has kept me going. Continue reading “I Choose Happiness”