Finnish Vs Nigerian Elections

An election is a democratic means of choosing leaders and representatives to form a government. Democracy is popularly defined as the government of the people by the people and for the people. As opposed to military or autocratic regime.

However, the application of democracy varies significantly from one country to another. Many countries, particularly developed ones, bestow the ultimate right of choosing their leaders on the electorates. While some other countries tend to directly or indirectly impose candidates on the citizens.

The common thing about democratic countries is the right to vote and be voted for in an election.

There is a great deal of differences in how the elections are conducted. In Nigeria, elections are seen as a do or die affair. Political parties and contestants are often at loggerheads with one another. Everyone wants to win at all costs because the winner takes it all. Violence, intimidation is the order of the day. Some politicians might even go as far as assassinating opponents to ensure an unchallenged victory at the polls.

The case is different in Finland. I have witnessed at least two different kinds of elections in Finland; parliamentary and municipal elections. The elections are peaceful and violence free. And the electorates can freely choose their preferred candidates.  And the candidates need not bribe the electorates into voting for them. Neither are the elections rigged.

As the Finnish municipal elections fast approach, I can’t help but admire the Finnish democracy. I wish that my country of birth would learn from Finland.

Even though I cannot vote yet in Finland, I trust that eligible voters will choose the best suitable candidates to continue with the solid democratic foundation which the country enjoys.


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