Is There A Limit To A Finn’s Honesty?

One of the first things a person notices in a new environment is the peoples’ attitudes, be it positive or negative, spoken or not.

It didn’t take me a long time to notice Finns’ honesty and simplicity, among other virtues.

Coming from a place where politeness is often preferred, I soon noticed that Finns need not be impressed. They prefer to know how things are rather than how you want it to be. Every uttered word is taken with seriousness hence no need to say things you don’t mean.

This is one important aspect of Finnish culture, and if there’s anything an immigrant needs to learn, it should be this.

Yet, I have noticed that like every rule, Finns’ honesty does have an exception. There seems to be a point where some Finns are not hundred percent honest.

Berry picking is a hobby that many Finns look forward to in the summer. A Finn can hardly tell you where they pick  berries from. They simply say they got the berries from the forest without telling the exact location.  This is mainly due to the fear of other berry pickers monopolizing the areas.

Indeed, Finns are honest to a fault, so long as you don’t ask for their berry-picking sites.


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