This inspirational song has become one of my favorites gospel songs in recent time.

The lyrics is inspiring as well as uplifting.  Listening to encouraging songs and words is like medicine to a troubled mind.

I make a conscious effort to listen to positive words, as well as try to be around people who radiate positive energy. Because negativity and worry saps energy and robs one of whatever joy that is left.

The doesn’t mean that one has to be unrealistic or have an unnecessarily high expectations of life.

Being positive simply means that I see the good side of things no matter how small it appears. For instance, an unemployed person instead of constantly feeling helpless about her situation, thinks of other good things in her life.  Good health, trusted friends and family are some positive gifts such a person should reflect on.

Apart from listening to good music, and inspirational message, the Word of God is equally a great uplifter of the spirit. God’s Word gives hope to the hopeless, and is a light in the darkness.

I don’t know what my life would have been without the knowledge of God. Indeed, God is near me and difficulties cannot last.


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