I Choose Happiness

There are a lot of bad things happening every time. This can affect a person’s mindset and ultimately make one unhappy.

Someone once asked me why I mostly appear happy despite the numerous challenges I face.  The simple answer is that I choose to be happy. My happiness comes from within me.This has kept me going.

I prefer to see life from a positive angle. And to see good in every bad situation. This is one of the reasons I write: to spread happiness, even to myself. Life becomes miserable and unbearable if I should dwell on the many troubles of life, like the things I need but have not.
This doesn’t mean that there are no low moment in my life. However, I choose not to dwell on it. Challenges make us stronger if we’re able to overcome.

My main source of joy has been from the knowledge of Christ. Knowing that my life is in His hands puts me at ease. Because I know He takes care of His children. This gives me confidence  since my future is secure in Him.

Are there special things that give you joy despite the challenges you face? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


3 thoughts on “I Choose Happiness”

  1. Summer brings me joy. At winter I’m so tired and can’t do nearly anything…also coffee is working, specially at winter it gives you energy, and glass of wine is good also…and sauna.


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