The Benefits of Being a Woman:  A Tribute to Womanhood

Women all over the world are making a difference in different areas of life where they are. Women are bestowed with a lot of responsibility both by nature and the society.

As mothers, women have the task of carrying a foetus in her womb for nine months. As well as the responsibility to care for the new born, almost alone. 

In developed countries like Finland, men partake in child care and can be granted an official leave to be with the child.

However, in developing countries like Nigeria, the main responsibility of a child’s upbringing still lies with the mother. Any help received from the father is seen as a bonus, meant to be appreciated. A man who does a lot of house chores may be considered weak.

In spite of the enormous tasks bestowed upon women both by nature and the society, many women have excelled in various fields of life. And there’s no doubt that women make better leaders than men .

Still, there is a need for more female voices to be heard. Women must be the ones to make and implement policies which concern them. Because they know their needs more than anyone else.


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