Don’t Settle for Less!

The above advice is for anyone who is living is below their dreams. Don’t give up on your aspiration because of your circumstances, don’t settle for less.


Never let the stories of people who couldn’t achieve their dreams deter you from pursuing yours. You need not lower your standard because of the stories of failure and under achievement you hear around you. 

Dreams make life meaningful and a fulfilled dream means a fulfilled life.  I have heard stories from people who think that one shouldn’t aim so high to avoid disappointment. Especially because they have one unfulfilled dream or another. They often paint a picture of hopelessness and make others believe that it’s impossible to fulfill their own dreams.

Don’t let the nay sayers lower your ambitions.

Nor should your situation cause you to give up. Neither your experience. It should rather motivate you to succeed against all odds.

It may be difficult to explain to people why your dreams are dear to your heart.  You need not explain your dreams to everyone but only to those who share your dreams who can help you achieve your goals.

No one can stop you from fulfilling your dreams, except yourself.

Go ahead and make your dreams come through. Don’t settle for less than you wish for.


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